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Name Position Birth Date
Carmarthen Town AFC Club Badge

Carmarthen Town AFC Players

Neil Smothers Midfielder 08/12/1977
Craig Hanford Defender 08/07/1984
Stephen Hall Goalkeeper 11/04/1985
Danny Thomas Midfielder 13/05/1985
Lee Surman Defender 03/04/1986
Lee Idzi Goalkeeper 08/02/1988
Luke Bowen Striker 07/03/1988
Resat Islam Khaton Midfielder 01/08/1989
Mark Jones Striker 05/11/1989
Dave Vincent Defender 17/06/1990
Daniel Sheehan Defender 22/12/1990
Ceri Morgan Midfielder 22/01/1991
Luke Cummings Defender 25/10/1991
Liam Thomas Midfielder 06/11/1991
Lewis Harling Midfielder 11/06/1992
Kieran Lewis Midfielder 26/06/1993
Jordan Knott Defender 13/09/1993
Clayton Green Midfielder 27/02/1994
Dwayne Coultress Midfielder 25/05/1994
Kostya Georgievsky Midfielder 28/06/1996
Liam Walsh Defender 29/07/1996
Aidan O'Kelly Defender 13/08/1997
Lewis Thomas Goalkeeper 20/09/1997
Ryan Foschi Defender 21/12/1998
Liam Testino-Lee Defender 22/09/1999
Billy Leaver Midfielder 05/11/1999