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Name Position Birth Date
Barry Town United FC Club Badge

Barry Town United FC Players

Joseph Baker Goalkeeper 05/05/2000
Mike Lewis Goalkeeper 04/04/1989
Joe Massaro Goalkeeper 05/05/1997
Luke Cooper Defender 02/04/1993
Lewis Cosslett Defender 03/10/1989
Luke Davidson Defender 18/02/1999
Ryan Evans Defender -
Chris Hugh Defender 22/01/1992
Paul Morgan Defender 28/06/1994
Curtis Watkins Defender 11/09/1995
Jordan Cotterill Midfielder 20/10/1988
Michael George Midfielder -
Louis Gerrard Midfielder 04/09/1992
Troy Greening Midfielder 17/04/1993
Ryan Newman Midfielder 30/07/1992
Joaquin Estirado Rivera Midfielder 23/11/1989
James Saddler Midfielder 11/01/1992
Callum Sainty Midfielder 12/05/1996
Macauley Southam-Hales Midfielder 02/02/1996
Luke Sylvester Midfielder 12/09/1998
Bradley Cotterill Striker 23/12/1999
James Demetriou Striker 14/08/1995
James Dixon Striker 05/02/1988
Drew Fahiya Striker 17/04/1988
Callum Flynn Striker 06/07/2000
Jonathan Hood Forward -
Jonathan Hood Striker 07/02/1991
Samuel Jones Forward 08/12/1998
Kayne Mclaggon Striker 21/09/1990
Tj Nagi Forward 20/02/1989
Tyrrell Webbe Striker 27/12/1899